And Now A Fan’s Mixed Review of The Union

Got the album a few days ago.

I’m more of a pop Elton fan and I absolutely loved The Captain & The Kid so this album appeals to me less, but at the same time it is quite good.  Artistically, it works very well.

I think When Love Is Dying is a total standout. a truly great song. I wish they would release it to radio but I thought the same about It’s Getting Dark In Here from Peachtree Road.

I Should Have Sent Roses is my second favorite and while I can’t say I really like Leon Russell’s voice–If It Wasn’t For Bad and Hearts Have Turned To Stone where he leads more are really quite good.  And Gone To Shiloh, while not a likely commercial breakout,  has an artistic feel to it that is quite connecting.

Songs I’m not a big fan of:
  • Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes –kind of boring and even more so, too show tune sounding; seems off for the album.
  • There’s No Tomorrow–the chorus screeches too much.
  • You’re Never To Old (To Hold Somebody)–it is okay but kind of a boring version of many good Elton ballads and sounds too much like  American Triangle for my taste.
  • In The Hands of Angels— I know it made Elton weep but I’d cry because I would not want it on the album. Just not a very engaging song for me.
More Critical Commentary
  • I like Hey Ahab, but about two-thirds of the way through, it gets pretty repetitive.
  • Monkey Suit could have had better hook. It  is kind of  Just Like Noah’s Ark with less hook and variety.
  • Aside from that, it is an intriguing, inspiring, and artistic album.
One of the great things about mp3’s, you can reorder what you listen to.  Here’s my version of The Union; note that I omitted songs:
  • The Best Part of The Day
  • Hey Ahab
  • If It Wasn’t For Bad
  • Jimmie Rodgers’ Dream
  • A Dream Come True
  • I Should Have Sent Roses
  • Gone To Shiloh
  • Hearts Have Turned To Stone
  • Monkey Suit
  • When Love Is Dying

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