Another Fan’s Vantage From The 22nd Row…

Welcome Back…..I, (we) missed The 22nd Row and very glad it is back.  Hope all stays well with you.

The Union
Since The Union is the theme here…..I bought The Union about a week ago, haven’t stopped listening to it yet!!  This is another great peace of work by Elton and Company.  How about Neil Young on the Gone to Shiloh track!!!!  I thought that it sounded like him, listened over and over again, then just had to Google it to make sure, and sure enough, Mr. Young did indeed add his voice to this track = AWESOME surprise.  I have to admit, I was not much into Leon Russell, but they definitely sound excellent together.  Sometimes change is a good thing!

Thank You For The Beacon Reviews
Thank you all for your posts on the concert at the Beacon Theatre.  I was able to DVR it and see it in the comfort of my home, however, listening to Elton is never the same at home as it is “live, in person” in a theatre seated for 3000.  I envy the person who wrote that they sat 5 rows back behind Elton.  I was lucky enough to fly to MSG one year, had my hand on the stage, right at Elton’s elbow the whole time, I flew there from Florida by myself, was alone, but it felt like Elton was singing just to me…thank goodness for no flash cameras!!!!

Once again, welcome back to The 22nd Row and I look forward to all the wonderful posts from all us “Eltonites”.

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