Elton & Leon in Tulsa: “I Knew This Would Be A Historic Event”

[ S P O I L E R ]

Words can’t even begin to describe how great this concert was!!!!!!

I’ve seen Elton 12 or 13 times and this ranks as one of his best ever!!! Not that I have ever been to a bad EJ show but this was definitely one to remember. I was lucky enough to see Elton at Dodger Stadium in 1975 and this concert with Leon ranks right there with it. Elton still amazes me, 63 and still pounding the piano like he did when he was 20, he never missed a beat and did numerous solos.Ellton’s vocals were great and the band sounded incredible!!!

And then Leon. I had never seen him before and knowing he was from Tulsa, I knew this would be a historic event, Elton and Leon performing in his hometown. Incredible!!!!

First Leon performed with his band for about a half our, playing all his hits. Then Elton with his band played for an hour or so and then Leon joined Elton to perform probably 3/4ths of The Union CD. Absolutely beautiful to hear them perform live together!!!!!

Complete with four backup singers who did an incredible job. I can only hope and pray there will be a DVD of one of these limited shows they did together!!!!

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