Under The Radar: BernieJTaupin.com

While the recordings and performances under the name of Elton John are the main entry points of our interest, let’s not forget Bernie Taupin’s outstanding, official website at http://www.BernieJTaupin.com. (Please note:  This is Mr. Taupin’s only official website.)

Flying a bit under the radar with his typical low-key presence, Bernie again is the Brown Dirt Cowboy to Elton’s Captain Fantastic.  And that’s part of what contributes to the site being such a great view.

Clearly, you will have interest in his bio, gallery and most of all his lyrics.  But what hooked me the most was his blog.  Not only fresh and astute, the blog underscores how Bernie is a different person from Elton, living a different lifestyle.  Really fresh vantages that would grab my interest even there wasn’t some guy named Reg Dwight aka Elton John.

I’d say “Give Bernie his own TV Talk show,” but really, it’s his very low-key profile that keeps him real.

Now there’s no place to write Bernie directly at his site, but after reading his blog, it was the first time in something like 15 years that I had a hankering to send fan mail.  Maybe I will track him down via U.S. Postal Service.

Bernie:  What a smart and *cool* site.

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